Grain Handling & Farm Machinery

OZTEC specialises in the production of grain handling equipment including Chaser Bins, Field Bins, Augers, Tubeconveyors and Grain Elevators.

Chaser Bins

Our engineer designed Chaser Bins range from a 12T capacity up to 50T, with standard sizes of: 12T, 15T, 18T, 21T, 25T, 30T, 36T, 40T and 50T. Our patented Longreach Conveyor system enables pickup from headers on 9 to 14 metre tramlines, the 1500 wide belt conveyor and hungry boards gives a landing area of approximately 2.2 metres. This transfers the grain to the centre of the bin onto a full length cross auger on top of the bin. This then pulls the grain evenly forward and rear to fill the bin to the maximum capacity. The Longreach system is an optional extra on our 25T, 30T, 36T, 40T and 50T bins.

BPW Axle systems are utilised on our bins and depending on the requirements we use a single axle or tandem axle with self-steering walking beam suspension. Flotation tyres are used which have a high carrying capacity whilst running at low inflation pressures, thus reducing soil compaction and providing stability. According to the manufacturer, these tyres have 2-3 times the life of ordinary agricultural tyres.

Standard Features:

  • PTO Shaft included
  • Floor Auger
  • Discharge Auger
  • Floor Gates
  • Heavy Duty drive chain and sprockets
  • 75HP/100HP Gearbox on Discharge Auger
  • 75HP/100HP Slip Clutch
  • Over Ride Clutch
  • Full Length Cleanout Slide
  • Heavy Duty Roll-top Roof Tarp
  • Fully welded construction
  • Road Kit – comprising oversize sign, revolving amber light and combination brake indicators

Optional Extras

  • High Volume Discharge Chute
  • Electrically or Hydraulically controlled adjustable spout on discharge auger
  • Hydraulic drive in lieu of PTO

Video created by Will Turner from the Turner Farming Company in Bellata NSW showing the use of OZTEC Tramliner Chaser Bins with the Longreach System in controlled traffic farming.