Oztec Split Chaser Bin for Seed & Fertiliser


OZTEC recently built and commissioned the first Split Chaser Bin for 2017. The Oztec Split Bin is all about value for money, giving you the ability to use your chaser bin during harvesting and planting. The divisional wall separates the bin into a front and rear compartment for carrying seed and fertiliser at the same time. The features and benefits of the split bin are:
  • The divisional wall installed and fully seal welded into the middle of the bin allows you to store both seed and fertiliser separately in the front and rear compartments.
  • Ratio of front to rear is optional eg. 50/50, 60/40 etc.
  • Removable panels wich are bolted onto the wall can be removed for use as a normal chaser bin.
  • Floor gates in the front and rear can be operated independently with two hydraulic cylinders, allowing you to control which compartment you empty.
  • The floor gates can be easily reconnected by swapping over a few hydraulic hoses at the front of the bin's exterior, there is no need to go into the bin.
  • Remote control operation of the floor gates is an optional extra. You can control front and rear with one remote control.
  • They can also be operated with two levers on the valve bank.
  • Seeder chute attachment is another optional extra which can be fitted straight onto the standard discharge chute - no need to swap them over.
  • Still incorporates all the standard features of a regular chaser bin.
The photos below are of a 30T Split Chaser Bin that was commissioned only last week, and this feature is available on all sizes in our range! Please call us on 0746 352 660 for any enquiries!