Oztec releases The I.L.S. Extension Kit


The Independent Link Suspension Kit designed for 3m Controlled Traffic Farming

Now available at Oztec Manufacturing is the Independent Link Suspension Kit, which attaches onto I.L.S. tractors to increase the front wheel track to 3m for use in controlled traffic farming. The equipment comes in a bolt on kit, which fits between the front wheel linkages and wishbone, and the tractor's chassis, as seen below. The I.L.S. kit has been engineered to extend the front wheel track from a standard 2m to a 3m width, while retaining normal load capacity and speed, and is compatible with GPS guidance equipment, which remains unaffected by the I.L.S. kit. This kit is only available for I.L.S. tractors, and comes ready to install with instruction manual and all components required. More information coming soon.

  • Strong alternative for 3m I.L.S. tractors
  • Standard I.L.S. components and bearings used
  • Transferable to other I.L.S. tractors
  • No changes needed to tractor or I.L.S. parts
  • Nine years successful farm use
  • Allows for sharper turning
  • Supports full front mounted seed/fertiliser box
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in Allora since 2007
  • Spare parts and service available on request
  • Please call for a quote